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Version- Windows Cloud

Here we have helpful videos for you to view so you can use your POS to it's full potential.  There is also information here to help you find what you are looking for in the many reports for your restaurant.  


How to Adjust the Gratuity Tip

How to Apply a Discount on an Item

The Difference Between Order and Finish

How to Fire a Coursing

How to Resend a Check to the Kitchen

How to Change Skin Color

Back Office

How to Setup a Category and Sub-category

How to Setup Coursing

Creating a Department

How to Add a Cash Discount

Add a Discount to a Store

Creating a Mix and Match Discount

Creating an Open Item or
Open Check Discount

Creating an Up-charge

How to Setup Display Groups

Menu Sorting

Add a Menu Item

How to Add a Modifier Group to an Item

How to Create a Modifier

How to Add a Prefix to a Modifier

Creating Reasons

Store Settings

Notification Settings

Sales Recap Report Settings

Configure Kitchen Receipts

Configure Customer Receipts

Configuring a KDS

How to Create a New Employee

Forced Punch in or Out Employee

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