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Here we do our best to offer you the best products for your business. We have taken time to carefully select the best hardware on the market, with unlimited customization and up to date software, so you can find the best fit for your passion and business. 
Your POS should be easy to use, training should take minutes, not hours. It should be robust, there is no reason you should have problems just days after getting your hardware. It should be affordable, you should never have to invest thousands of dollars in hopes you're getting something worth the money. We make sure you get the best product that is tailored to your business so you don't have to waste time, or money, that can be better spent elsewhere. 
If you are a small business or just starting up, a stand-alone terminal is a fast and convenient way to begin taking credit cards. Pin-pads are EMV and contactless capable making them the most secured way to take card with your POS System. Any terminal or pin-pad from our list is easy to use, quick to set up and takes up almost no space on your counter-top! Combined with high security, durability and dependable performance, you will have long lasting solution for taking payments. 
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Not all businesses can stay in one building. Mobile payment swipers are the easiest way to accept payments on the go. They can securely take payment methods through magstripe, EMV or contactless and can be connected to any device with an audio jack or Bluetooth. Each reader requires an app download, but whether you want the most simple software or the software that tracks your inventory by every grain of salt is up to you and what fits your needs most. 
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