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Here we do our best to offer you the best services for your business. We have taken time to carefully select the best options on the market to help you succeed. 
Merchant Services
We provide businesses of all types with payment processing along with their terminal or point of sale system. Not all businesses are the same so your processing shouldn't be either. We make sure you can accept credit and debit cards at a rate that is best fit for you. That means you only pay for what you need. Read more about what we can do for your business. 
Cash Discount
A cash discount is when a business offers a discount to customers who pay by cash or check, instead of with a credit or debit card. The business owner adds a customizable service fee to all credit and debit card transactions, and then rewards customers who pay by cash or check by giving them a discount. Learn more to determine if this is the right choice for your business.
Payment Gateway
A payment gateway is a technology used by merchants to accept debit or credit card purchases from customers. They take charge of the tricky tasks like securing sensitive information and help you meet certain standards for data security. Gateways will also save you time, the extra work and the stress. Contact us to learn more!
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