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Merchant Services

Getting a merchant account for your business is a big step to take. There are many types of merchant services out there that will sell you a terminal and put you through to a third party installer and on to an outside card processor. We on the other hand, take care of you all the way from setting up your merchant account with ease to setting you up with the hardware that you decide will be the best for your company. We know that this is a very competitive world, and everyone offers you the "lowest rates," when this usually isn't true, or it means that they also give you the lowest customer service. We always re-negotiate with the bank to get you the best current discount rates you can get, and no matter how you pay, we can promise you that you will always get the top shelf service and help you can get. 

No one wants surprises when it comes to the Merchant Account Statement. Let us assist you in understanding about fees and rules thoroughly before you sign the application. You will never see bogus fees on the statements you receive from us and there is always someone you can call who will talk to you and help you understand anything that you might not. 


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