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Revonu Windows


Integrated hardware, cloud software and payment solutions.


The core of the Revonu system is powerful yet easy to use. It is an Android or Windows based system that possesses all the key features ​you need to run your restaurant, salon or retail business. This system includes loyalty and gift card integration. The Cloud-based back office provides robust business analytics and reports to make sure everything runs smoothly even when you aren't at your store location. Supporting multiple locations so you can keep your business reports in the same place for all of your stores.

The Revonu restaurant software is perfectly suited for all fine dining, dine-in, fast casual, and quick serve restaurants. Revonu offers fully customizable menu implementation, the ability to modify individual items to a customer’s specifications and various reports to show you exactly how your business is doing. 

With everything from multi-store management to commission tracking by employee, Revonu offers the latest features for general retailers. You’ll be able to build custom packages of items, accurately track inventory, customers and sales, issue electronic coupons, and manage the business with a suite of back office reporting tools.

Revonu salon, which is only available on an Android operating system, offers features like, an online appointment management tool, recurring appointment manager, and confirmation emails to clients. Additionally, the system provides support for multiple merchant IDs (MIDs) for multi-location salon chains. 

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