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Easy, Fast, Powerful.

The most innovative, true cloud-based POS System.

The Revonu iPad Point-of-Sale is a powerful and reliable platform with a full array of front and back office management tools, industry leading integrations, and world-class support. Built for your business, running every type of restaurant from QSR to fine dining, pizzerias, enterprise franchises and sports stadiums. The Revonu iPad has one of the most innovative feature sets, with integrated call waiting and reservations, Caller ID, central kitchen and warehouse, inventory management and food cost tracking to the ingredient level, marketing and customer loyalty management, kiosks, call center integration, and much more. 

Available in all currencies and 30+ languages.

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed, yet easy to understand reports show you exactly how your restaurant running. There are a variety of reports that monitor key performance indicators specifically for you to know your store thoroughly. Not to mention inventory comparison, payroll reporting, sales charts, and food cost analysis all for you to view from anywhere you are with your tablet, smartphone or PC. 

Back-office & Management Control

You can easily customize your menu from the cloud or the iPad to make the ordering and checkout process easy, swift and precise.  Monitor costs and manage labor at any time to ensure you aren't over spending. Change or modify items, pricing, promotions and specials to attract new customers and keep the old one's coming back.

Order Taking & Payment

First things first, EMV is a must! Whether it's pay-at-table or simply handing the server your card, Revonu is integrated with many EMV pinpads to make it happen. Barcode scanners, till management and tax exemptions are all included options to make order taking fast and effortless while gift cards, iPad signature and paper or digital receipts keep payments flowing smoothly. 


Designed for multi-store operations, we have made sure you can comfortably manage all of your stores from one place. With consolidated reporting you can group any of your stores together to compare sales data. Create online ordering and loyalty programs across the board and control every aspect. Market managing is built in to ensure each of your stores flourish. 

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