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The best of both worlds

Get all the benefits of a cloud system with the reliability of a traditional in-house server. 

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Have you ever wished you could have the reliability of an in-house server with the accessibility of a cloud point-of-sale? Well look no further because we've got you covered. This robust system not only has the convenience of a cloud based solution allowing you to view your data from anywhere but also allows you to make real time system changes without having to log into a back office. This way you can run your business from anywhere while also not having to be in anyone's way while doing so. With real time replication of data, off site backups, and nightly backups you never have to worry if one or any stations go down. There is also no "System Down" in the middle of a lunch rush because of an internet outage. No loss of credit card processing or connection backups with data limits. This point-of-sale also includes many features to help your restaurant grow and succeed, below are just a few examples.

Online Ordering

Say goodbye to tablets taking up so much counter space, now you can have online orders flow right to your POS and kitchen printers. Bypass 3rd party fees and put more money back into your business. Seamlessly integrate Online Ordering to your existing website. Get reports you need to your email, set up loyalty accounts and capture customer insights. 

Kitchen Display System

Save paper and keep your kitchen running smoothly. A KDS provides real time order information that is easy to see plus increases speed and productivity. Improve the communication between Front of House and Back of House. You can also set any item to appear on the kitchen screen based on prep times so food can be put in the window just in time.


Make the order process even faster for your customers who want to get in and out quickly. Reduce your labor costs and demands while allowing available cashiers to focus on a great customer experience. Item images and high-quality graphics are customizable and you can set up Upselling to increase your average total. You can also accept payments, tips and signatures. 


Forget the notepad and the walk to the server station, now you can send the customers' orders straight to the kitchen from the table. Servers can spend more time taking care of customer's needs instead of running to a terminal across the room. You can also improve the speed of service in both a drive thru line or in front of the counter inside. Available on iPad, Android and Windows. 

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