Clover Station

This is a cloud based software with an open app market for unlimited customization. The slick look of the POS and printer can easily work for any counter top no matter the business and it has a swivel arm for your customers to easily view and touch. This station even works when your internet doesn't. The four USB ports give you the option for connecting multiple peripherals. It also comes with a high-resolution camera for bar-code or QR code scanning.

Clover Mini

The mini is perfect for smaller businesses. It's lightweight footprint won't take up more space on your counter-top than you need it to. Like the Clover POS you can customize your mini with do-it-all apps for whatever you need. It prints receipts on the spot for your customer for a more smooth and fast experience. The Clover Station and the Mini communicate together quickly and efficiently so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Clover Flex

Small in size, but the functionality makes up for it. The built-in printer and many ways to take payments insures that you can take this anywhere you need to go. Clover Flex includes customer and employee management and will help you keep track of inventory. 

Clover Mobile

Perfect for food trucks, festivals, a restaurant or anywhere your customers are in a a little bit of a hurry, Clover Mobile is a POS that fits in the palm of your hand. You can easily pair it with a Clover Station or Mini for even more POS functionalities.

Clover Go

You can connect you Clover Go Contactless Reader with your smartphone, tablet, or simply to another Clover device. You to take payments securely through credit card swiped, dipped and contactless methods making things easy for you and your customer.