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Version- Windows Cloud

Here we have helpful videos for you to view so you can use your POS to it's full potential.  There is also information here to help you find what you are looking for in the many reports for your restaurant.  

How to Use the Kitchen Memo

How to Close for the Day

How to do a Refund

How to Split an Order

Menu Item Ordering

House Account Function

How to Complete a Transaction

Different Table Functions

How to Start the Day

How to Change Quantity

How to Move and Join Tables

Functions of the Main Screen

How to do a Discount

How to Add Additional Gratuity

How to Cashier In

How to Cashier Out

Reports in Revonu Cloud Back-Office

In the back-office there are many reports so you can keep track of everything that happens in your restaurant and keep them for your records. All to help you organize your business and make your life a little easier.

Here we have the full list of reports with descriptions of every report. Click through to view some examples found most useful by other restaurants just like you. 

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