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Simple, robust and innovative

Designed as a turnkey solution that can grow with your business.

RedFin is not your normal pre-packaged "you get what you get" hardware or software. With RedFin we can help you find the best solutions for you through comparing combinations of hardware and software. Whether you need something robust but simple to use or small counter fitting tablet with endless customization, there is a blend for you. We want YOU to choose what is right for you and your needs, not what is right for others. 

 There are always improvements to be made and we listen to you, so although you choose a product that sounds best for you, opportunities for growth and improvement don't stop there. 

PCI certified and EMV ready for any type of business out there. 

Sturdy, reliable hardware comes in many colors to fit your personality.

All hardware communicates seamlessly so your business can run efficiently. 

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