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"Future Proof"

The most up-to-date terminal, allowing you to take any payment you choose. 


The Poynt POS System has one large merchant-facing screen and another slightly smaller screen facing the customer. It has a built in card reader for swipe and chip processing. Poynt was made to be a more flexible POS solution to be used not only in a standard restaurant but also business on the move like food trucks. It comes with apps including but not limited to Cash Register, Settlements, Calculator and a Diagnostics App for your Internet but with an open app store the possibilities are endless!

EMV Ready

There is one single slot that makes it easy for you to accept magstripe and EMV cards. 

Settle on the Go

You can do pretty much anything from your phone. View reports, refund and even settle cards. 

Transact Anywhere

With built in WiFi and 3G capabilities, you can take your business anywhere you need.  

Easy NFC Payments

You can accept digital wallet payments along with Apple Pay, Androud Pay and more. 

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