The PAX S80 is an advanced counter-top Point of Sale or standalone terminal which combines innovation, durability and high performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions.


The S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication technologies such as Dial-up and Ethernet. An intuitive ATM-style interface and keypad makes operating this terminal easier for you and your consumer alike.


The S80 comes with powerful 32- bit ARM11 processor, EMV capability, as well as built-in contactless, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications (such as Loyalty & Gift Cards), making this terminal one of the most reliable.


The PAX S300 is a integrated smart PinPad great for any restaurant or retail business. It's just what you need if you want to accept payments through a variety of methods that are all fully secure. 

With the S300 you can accept payments through using the traditional magstripe, contactless, e-signature, EMV Chip and PIN. You or your customer can easily interact with and read the screen thanks to a large touchscreen with back-lighting. 

The S300 protects and encrypts all transaction data through state of the art levels of security. Features like massive amounts of memory for exceptional multimedia performance and various ports for convenient functionality are what make this PinPad one of the most innovative. 


The PAX D210 is a revolutionary payment device designed to interact with customers. If you want to take any type of card transaction then this wireless PinPad will be the perfect fit. 

The D210 supports Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS or cable connection to connect to a wide range of existing and new smart devices. Apple has tested and approved the D210 to meet the highest performance standards for integration with any iPad or iPhone.

Ensuring transactional security with PCI PTS 3.x certification, the D210 streamlines payment into a unique personal program. You can now take all your value-added applications on the PinPad to provide a high-tech and user-friendly customer interaction.

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