Built for iOS

This restaurant point of sale software is designed for Apple devices.

The right point-of-sale system can do more than just the basics of order taking and payments.

The Paradise iPad POS will provide your business with the tools to increase operational efficiency, control cost, and improve the bottom line. This POS is designed for iOS devices so they are perfectly suited for taking orders tableside and pay-at-the-table convenience. The Paradise POS is also designed to allow you to configure the user interface to help employees work quickly and accurately.

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Analyze Business Performance

Pull a variety of reports to monitor key performance indicators. Keep track of your employee's hours to be submitted for payroll. Use the cloud to access critical business data via a tablet, smartphone, or PC so you can make timely and informed business decisions.

Reduce and Monitor Costs

Keep track of your customers and what they order, accurately create and manage employee permissions and track inventory. Paradise has made it easy to create and apply discount and promotions to attract new customers. 

Order Taking & Payment

You can take major credit and debit cards, whether they’re magnetic strip, EMV chip cards, or contactless payments such as Apple Pay. An offline mode ensures that your device will continue to work even if your connection goes down.

Customizable Menu

Customize and categorize graphical menu screens and detailed modifiers, organize the pay screen and create multiple taxes to make the ordering and check out processes is intuitive, simple, and accurate for your employees. 

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